Top 9 toxic foods we eat everyday

7 things that you should not consume because they are poisonous

To survive and get energy for everyday tasks, the human body needs food. Every meal has its own nutritional value, which must be consumed appropriately to avoid unwanted effects on the body. Some foods include parts inside which should not be eaten because they can be dangerous. This post will see six typical foods that can kill you. Don’t miss reading See negative results of taking a lot of energy supplements

The following are around 9 toxic foods:

1. Apple seeds

An apple is a fruit that is high in vitamins and has a pleasant taste. Hazardous seeds are contained in apples. Seeds contain cyanide, which is harmful to the body. If the seed is eaten, it can cause seizures and possible deaths.

2. Pala

Nutmeg is used in baking to provide food baked with increased flavour. Nutmeg in excess can be harmful to the body’s system. Myristicin, oil found in nutmeg, causes seizures, hallucinations, and other health problems. Read also Top 7 foods for a smoker’s health

3. Green potatoes

Because of their nutritional wealth, potatoes benefit the human body. Toxic components on the stem cause potatoes to green. This toxic chemical is known as glycoalkaloid. It is possible to die if you consume too many potatoes containing this deadly chemical.

4. Star Fruits

Star fruit is a kind of fruit that must be avoided by people with kidney problems. You can eat it if your kidney is in good condition because the fruit contains poisons that can be removed by the kidneys. Kidney disease makes it impossible to filter pollutants, which can cause death.

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5. Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are useful for one’s health, and some individuals enjoy eating it. Amanita Phalloides and Amanita Virosa are two dangerous mushroom varieties. This is a wild mushroom that can cause stomach discomfort, liver problems, coma, and even death.

6. Mango.

Eating mangoes has no negative effects on the body, but oils are found in SAP Mango. Urushiol, oil found in Mango SAP, can also be found in Ivy poisons. If you have allergic poison ivy, be careful when handling mangoes or picking fruit from the tree. This can result in edema and body rash. It can cause death if it is not handled properly.

7. Cherry Pits

The hard stone in the middle of the cherry is full of prussic acid, also known as cyanide, which is toxic. But there is no need to fear if you accidentally swallow one whole hole just pass your system and get out of the other end. Avoid crunching or crushing pits when you nosh on your cherry.

8. Elderberry.

You can take Elderberry as syrup or supplement to improve your immune system and treat cold symptoms or flu or constipation. But eating fruit, skin, or elderberry leaves can make you feel worse than better. They have lectins and cyanide, two chemicals that can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

9. Raw red beans

Of all the varieties of nuts, raw red peanuts have the highest literary concentration. Lektin is a poison that can give you a bad stomach-ache, make you vomit, or give you diarrhea. It only requires 4-5 raw kidney beans to cause this side effect, which is the best reason to boil your beans before eating.

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