Top 10 foods that boost breast milk production in women

the act of a woman nursing/breast feeding a new born baby is a fun and a unique experience; in igbo it’s called omugwo, in yoruba it is called ojojo omo while in hausa its called wanka’n jegoin. It is an age long customs In Nigeria.

During this largely awaited period, new maters (especially first- timekeepers) are generally encouraged to rest as they ease into their new places as maters. An important aspect of this part is child aliment, new maters are generally put through indigenous styles to ameliorate milk product. One system our African maters calculate largely on is regular suckling by the child. Don’t miss reading 11 Foods That Can Help Strengthen Your Bones

Still, for some maters, this strategy is frequently inadequate as they frequently deal with pain while breastfeeding and struggle daily to produce enough milk for their babies.

Below are 10 foods that boost breast milk production:

1. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are known to help with digestion, relieve constipation, acidity, and bloating along with helping with lactation. They’re also packed with vitamins and calcium. Use these seeds in salads or soak them in water overnight, and drink the water to get the benefits.

2. Holy Basil

Holy basil or tulsi has been used for generations by lactating maters. While it aids in milk product, it’s also known for its comforting effect, as well as promoting healthy bowel movements and a good appetite. You can have tulsi in the form of tea that will help you relax.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for controlling diabetes post-delivery while being a great source of energy. It’s rich in fibre, which has a positive effect on your digestive system. You can eat oats for breakfast or make oats eyefuls. Nutritionists recommend adding oats to a lactating mama’s diet to increase breast milk product.

4. Fura de nunu (Milk and Millet Gruel)

This is a common libation forming from the Fulani people of Nigeria. With Fura de nunu, you have a rich, succulent mix of fermented cow’s milk (nunu) and millet dough (fura). Fura contains numerous essential nutrients which ameliorate breast milk product.

5. Callow Papaya

While boosting milk product, callow papaya also works as a natural opiate which will help you relax. You can ingest callow papaya by grating it into salads. Callow papaya is considered to be a great galactagogue across different Asian countries.

6. Carrots

Carrots give a great boost to lactation and are rich in Vitamin A which also improves the quality of the milk product. Eat raw carrots in the form of salads or juice it and have a mug in the morning along with your breakfast. Carrots are available anywhere around the world and are one of the stylish foods to ameliorate lactation.

7. Ofada Rice

Given encyclopedically as brown rice, locally grown Ofada/ Abakaliki Rice are an effective addition to your diet as a nursing mama because it contains variety nutrients like minerals, vitamin B and E. It also contains hormonal instigations that help to ameliorate lactation and increase breast milk product.

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8. Potash (Keun, Akanwu)

Potash is a general name given to potassium containing composites. Kaun, a lake- swab, is an ancient Nigerian food cumulative used in traditional cuisine that has been known to add flavour and ameliorate the taste of a dish. It’s a form of potash. Other sources are from win kernel shells and dried, roasted callow plantain peels.

9. Pap

Popularly known as Akamu, Ogi, Eko or its fancier name, African Sludge Porridge, this is a fermented pudding cereal made from millet, sludge or sludge. It’s a food packed with multitudinous essential nutrients like carbohydrate, B vitamins, folic acid, vitamins A and C, potassium, zinc and others. it’s largely nutritious and good for lactating maters.

10. Carrots

Eating carrots is a great way to boost lactation as they contain vitamin A and potassium, which help to ameliorate the quality and volume of breast milk. Eating carrots are a great way to increase your force as well as lose weight

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