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Though the health benefits of spices are very enormous and are well documented over the years, there are a few that have so many healing and restorative powers, they should be classified as super spices. And the health benefits of cloves and its oil will easily rank towards the top of that list. If you are looking for a means of boosting your anti-oxidant level, get some toothache relief and enjoy some beneficial aromatherapy, cloves should be in your kitchen and your diet. Don’t miss reading health benefits of bitter cola and why you should eat more

1. Anti Inflammatory

Cloves have a high content of flavonoids just like turmeric does a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. If you have muscle ache or arthritic pains, rubbing some clove essential oil onto the affected part a few times a day will help counter inflammation and pains. Aroma therapists use clove oil to help alleviate symptoms of rheumatism, and when inhaled can help soothe respiratory ailments like colds, asthma, even bronchitis.

2. Anti Oxidant

We are all aware nowadays of the over-all importance of anti oxidants. But did you know that of all spices, cloves have the highest levels of anti-oxidants? Whether it’s helping the body protect itself against arthritis, diabetes, cancer or heart disease, the anti-oxidant levels in cloves help you ward off sickness and disease. Now, your body produces two antioxidants on its own, superoxide dismutase and catalase. Since cloves are the best anti-oxidant available, this spice actually enhances and supports the body’s natural anti-oxidants.

3. Contains Eugenol

Eugenol is an anesthetic benefit of clove, and is used for toothache, sore throat and gum pain. This active ingredient is used in some mouth washes, and sore throat treatments because of its germicidal and antiseptic benefits. Eugenol is specifically known to help improve dental health that is why it is used in toothpastes and dental antiseptics. The health benefits of cloves toward the dentistry profession are known by all. Remember the last time you were sitting in the dentist’s chair, before getting a shot of novacaine? Dentist usually rub your affected gum area with an anti-bacterial, helping to numb the area, and leaving your mouth tasting and smelling like fresh clove. Where would modern dentistry be without eugenol?

Honestly, cloves are just an amazing and miraculous little spice. Cloves are effectively used in many medicinal products to help cure digestive health problems. Stomach ulcer symptoms, indigestion, nausea and gastric discomfort are just a couple of ailments helped by this miracle spice. Diluted clove oil can be applied to burns, cuts, wounds and bruises because of its natural antiseptic characteristics. Clove oil has the capability to help relieve muscle spasm when applied around the spasming area.

The eugenol properties in clove spice helps prevent blood clots. The mixtures of sesame oils and clove can be warmed and used for earaches. The combination of salt, milk and clove oil are effective remedy for headache. This mixture can also used as massage oil, providing relief from stress and natural aromatherapy for your lungs, sinus tract and throat.

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Clove oil is used to eliminate fungi, bacteria and intestinal parasites. Are you aware that clove oil is widely used in soap, perfumes and other hygienic products for its smell? Or that this oil can be concocted into a natural mosquito repellent that’ll work for hours?

It’s an easy thing to add some quantity of clove into your diet. We enjoy making split pea soup, and have found a few whole cloves give the soup a zestier flavor. We steep our teas with a clove or two, which not only gives the tea a better flavor, but helps the kitchen, smell so good! Ground up some cloves, and sprinkle some in a rice dish.

You can find many recipes online that use and enhance this amazing spice in many different foods. This article is just a glimpse into the benefits of clove spice, but you can easily see how it can, and does, benefit human life in so many ways. Someone once asked in wonder if there was anything cloves cannot do.


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