How to Write a Graduate School Resume in Six Steps

Resumes are mostly used for career and job hunting; however, you may or will also need one when applying to a graduate school as well.

Figuring out how to write a successful and brief graduate-level college resume is essential for the advanced education application process. There are also lots of free graduate school resume templates on the online space, however, it is best to stick to the format recommended by your choice graduate school. These and even more best practices are discussed.

If you read this post till the end, you will discover how to write your graduate school resume like a pro in little or no time. If you want to succeed more with your graduate school application, you should also try these tips on how to write a postgraduate research proposal that could win you a scholarship too.


A graduate school resume (or graduate-level college resume) is a brief and well-arranged description of a candidate’s experience, skill-sets, training, and any other attribute(s) that would make him/her qualified. It’s submitted alongside an application to a graduate school for admission. It’s more of a summary of all the required data.

Graduate school resumes are used to assess different candidates by setting up a list of their attributes.

Now that you know what a Graduate School Resume is, let’s look at how to effectively write your resume even if you’ve never written one before.

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Creating a Graduate School Resume can be confusing for some people; the steps listed (below) will guide you through your resume writing;

Consider organizing:

Although most resumes have a common template or design rules, there’s room for creativity in arranging a graduate school resume.

You must know of the format that is recommended or required by the graduate school; such as keeping your resume about a page long and making your titles strikingly recognizable, font styles and sizes, etc.

While arranging and planning a resume, ensure it catches the objective and is very easy to read.

Focus on the education area:

Since the purpose of presenting a graduate school resume is to be accepted to an educational program, there must be proper attention to your earlier school. Like an expert resume, which centres basically on professional experience, a resume for a graduate school admission must talk about the applicant’s educational foundation above everything else.

Incorporate data, for example, your:

  • School Name
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) (Only if 3.5+)
  • Field of Study
  • Dates of Attendance
  • Extracurricular, Clubs, or Groups (if significant)
  • Grants and Acknowledgment
  • Test Scores (If Applicable)

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Include significant projects:

Significant projects may go under your schooling segment or your experience area, depending on what part needs more attention. However, you’ll need to include points of interest in your chosen course of study so that you can create an argument that you are ready to take on the course.

List practical work insight:

Your related knowledge shouldn’t be the focal point of consideration in your graduate school resume.

Be that as it may, you should add work experience connected with the program you’re applying for. Temporary jobs and volunteering experience, when added to the program’s review field, can as well be useful in such documents.

Indeed, even positions that aren’t 100 per cent connected with your field of study can assist with balancing you up beyond just being an undergraduate.

Add striking achievements:

A graduate-level college resume is an appropriate spot to keep a countdown of your accomplishments since you need to intrigue the admission officers; add at least one eye-catching achievement is not more. Also learn these tips to apply for job and prepare a eye-catchy job CV

Skills and confirmations:

Including a skill area for a graduate level study goes on to confirm that you have the hacks to back it up. You should adhere to referencing hard skills in your resume that apply to the field of study you’re expecting to get into.

In conclusion, writing a good graduate school resume is not rocket science. You can do it if you follow the simple steps in this article.