Understanding 3 major causes of obesity in children

Children of any age do not feed on; they do not go to the supermarket and buy their food. Do not decide the weekly menu. Do not buy sodas or artificial sandwiches; they eat what you are, as a parent, give them to eat. We all know that school meals lack a lot in nutrition and are abundant in fat and carbohydrates. As parents, we also know that it has often been so easy to buy fast food on the way home after a difficult day than to cook something nutritious and healthy. We are responsible for the welfare of our children; they are our hands to prevent our child from becoming a diabetic at an early age.

Definition of childhood obesity

Despite the fact that the definition of obesity and overweight has changed over the years, obesity can still be defined as an excess of body fat (BF). There is no consensus at a point of cut for the excess fat overweight or obesity in children and adolescents. A study conducted by Williams et al. (1992), in 3,320 children in the age group 5 to 18, children classified to fat, if their percentage of body fat was at least 25% for men and 30% for females, respectively .

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, was defined overweight and above the percentile 95 of the body mass index (BMI) for age and “at risk of overweight”, such as between 85 to 95th IMC percentile for the age. European researchers classified overweight as well as on or above the percentile and obesity of 85º in or above the IMC percentile or above 95.

There are things you can do before it’s too late, now it’s time to do them. There is not much I can do about the school menu, but you can talk to the person in charge of the cafeteria to keep your child away from the mashed potatoes and fried food. Ask this person to help him give his son salad, fruit and food having little or no fat and carbohydrates. If this does not work, pack it a lunch to take to school. A little sacrifice on your part will have a long way for your child’s health.

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Plan your dinner menus ahead of time. Keep the carbohydrates down and add more fresh products as a salad and less pasta and fatty foods. We know that it is tired after a long day at work, so the program made part of the kitchen of the week on Saturday or Sunday, put it in the fridge so that everything you have to do is heat it and serve. This will save you preparation time and it will be easier on your feet and tired brains. Avoid second portions for children and taking their dinner at their rooms. Dinner at the table allows family time and also allows you to control food intake.

If your children do not like sports, it’s also fine. Take them to walk around the park, or cross the evil with them for half an hour. Believe it or not, walk is a great exercise and calorie burner. Keep a strict control over games, computers and televisions, assign the coasts of your children in the garden and pay them a bit of something when these coasts are performed. Exercise, sun, work and payment will do wonders for their spirits and bodies as well. You have to be creative to keep them moving, hibernating or hanging on a cushion or bed is bad for them. Plan trips to the local museum or amusement park, or communal pool; Make them walk, Make them move, exercise is the key to health.

Sweets, junk food and sodas are your greatest enemies. Do not keep them at home, this does not mean that you never eat them or the drinks; surely you can, but do it from time to time and not like a routine. Children do not need dessert every night, leave it for special occasions. They do not need sodas, the soft drinks do not even get their thirst, help us get used to drinking water, lots of water every day. The same goes for junk food; Leave it for the times it is out of the house, in the mall, or movies anywhere, but inside your house. Teach your children to eat well and live well.

See the extra mile today and your children will get used to good food and drink. They will grow stronger and feel better when they exercise and spend time outdoors. They will learn to manage their time better and they will become better students and they will be better communicated with you and each other when you lose that horrible addiction to videogames and television. The restriction of your game and television observation time will help you learn the communication and interaction skills that do not need now because they communicate with machines, not people.

It is not easy and we know that younger generations have fallen into a lethal trap. They have lost their ability to express feelings and communicate the thoughts. If this happens for too long, it is possible that they no longer speak or think. They will become machines themselves. Some of the horrible episodes we see today in the news have begun with a solitary child who is locked up within himself and his mind; A child who hates himself because he is fat or different from his companions. This is the age of communication, it is true, but we must communicate between us not with the machines. We must use all these contraptions to improve human communication, not loneliness.

There is a lot of conversation these days about childhood obesity and why it seems that today’s children have more weight than previous generations. There are many factors that play in why this may be the reason and I am sure that some of them may have listened to the media.

The fact of the matter is that we live in a different time and nothing remains to be stagnant. The priorities of families have changed and how we spent our time has also changed. We do not look at the time in the same way we use and also money. With this in mind, it reflects the appearance in our bodies.

Below are the 3 main causes of obesity in children:

1. Eating in McDonald’s

This is a factor that could be the cause of childhood obesity, and it is easy to say that this is the problem. But there is much more than that. What I see as an important contributor to obesity in children and adults is “lack of time”. Today people are so busy and they are simply not taking the “time” that is needed to prepare a healthy dinner. We are all in the race and it is so easy to simply pick up a cheese hamburger at the local McDonald’s.

In addition, you must think maybe that’s what my son really wants, yes and no. Of course, your child wants some fries, but it’s good for them? No. French fried here or there will be no harm, but a regular diet of McDonald’s will hurt. The United States takes less time to enjoy the occasion, it is so fast and easy to eat and go.

2. Quality of food in our school systems

Canned this and that with sugar in it, canned vegetables, fried chicken nuggets, soda machines in the hall. All these things almost seem normal. No, it is not acceptable to have refreshments at school and junk food. The day of pizza on Friday, it looks like a day of pizza every day. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be the choice and healthy alternative.

3. Lack of physical exercise

In the last decade, children have increased the amount of time online and watching television. They have reduced the time dedicated to the burning of calories. So even if you eat a chicken nugget, you just avoid the ability to burn calories. Fresh air and exercise are important every day for adults and children as well.

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